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N° d'article: RAM-HOL-UN7-400U

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RAM Tough-Claw™ Mount with Universal X-Grip™ Phone Holder

The RAM-HOL-UN7-400U consists of the small Tough-Claw™ base and universal X-Grip® holder.
The X-Grip® holder has a clean and clever four leg design that sports great holding power without hiding
your smart-phone behind foam pads and plastic.
The X-Grip® holder expands and contracts for perfect fit of most smart phones. This mount rotates 360 degrees.

The RAM-HOL-UN7-400U includes the RAM Tough-Claw™; the perfect mounting base for quick and easy tool-less installation and removal on round, square, odd shaped rails and bars and flat surfaces. The compact design allows easy installation in a wide variety of applications including motorcycles, kayaks and boats, bicycles, wheelchairs, medical carts and more. The marriage of tool-less removal and a low-profile makes this must have accessory easy to pack with you wherever you go.
Delivered with free Tether RAM-HOL-UN7TU !

Clamping Range (Rail/Tube Surfaces):
1,6cm to 3,8cm

Clamping Range (Flat Surfaces):
0 cm to 2,9cm

Cradle Dimensions:
Minimum Width = 4,76cm. (Minimum Height =10,80cm.)
Maximum Width = 8,25cm. (Minimum Height = 5,70cm.)
Depth = 2,22cm.

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