Q-Power Plug-in BMW Canbus

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Op zoek naar een plug-in accessoire voedingssysteem voor uw BMW motorfiets?
Dan is Q~Power CAN het juiste product voor u!
Q~Power CAN is een innovatieve waterdichte stroomvoorziening voor uw Smartphone, GPS of Camera,
die u eenvoudig inplugt op de BMW accessoire stekker, standaard voorzien aan het stuur / balhoofd
(zie vb. afb. R 1200GS) van uw BMW motorfiets vanaf bwj. +- 2009.
Q~Power CAN is beschikbaar met verschillende stekker uiteinden, dit volgens uw toestel of toepassing:
miniUSB rechtse hoek, miniUSB recht, microUSB, USB vrouwelijk,
Samsung Galaxy S5 en iPhone 3 - 4 series.
Maak uw keuze bij bestelling, met het juiste type connector, of koop een aparte extra aansluitkabel!

Looking for a solution to charge your smartphone, GPS or camera in your BMW?
Here is the right product for you!
Q~Power CAN fixed installation gadget chargers are the top of the line solutions to get your GPS, smartphone or another gadget permanently powered and charged. No more messy cables flying around the handlebar or worries about charger waterproofness, just a cable end wired to the gadget. When using a Q~Lite CAN charger you get the best of worlds, having all the advantages of a permanent installation charger and avoiding expensive installation services at the same time. 

Easy and neat installation
tn_acc_con_gs.jpgtn_r1200gs_can_location_en.jpg Permanent chargers often require a specialized installation service, involving the removal of fairings, soldering wires, etc.. Not with Q~Power CAN series. These chargers plug directly to the accessory socket available from factory in most modern BMW motorcycles. The picture to the right shows the location of the accessory connection point in a R1200GS. It is a 'plug-and-play' solution not requiring tools. Just route the cable using tie-wraps to the point where the gadget to be charged is.


small_waterproof connector.jpgIf you need to charge several devices with different connectors, this CAN cable series allow the exchange of the charging end of the cable trough a waterproof connector. Depending of the model ordered, your Q~Power CAN cable comes equipped with one type of charging end, but several others are available separately. Those are miniUSB right angled, miniUSB straight, microUSB, USB female, Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 3 - 4 series.

Compatible with following BMW motorcycle models:

 F650GS  F800GS Adventure
 K1200GT (2006 ->)
 F700GS  F800GT  K1300GT  R1200RT
 F800R  K1200R
 K1600GT/GTL  R1200S
 F800S  K1300R
 R1200GS (2004 ->)
 F800ST  K1200S  R1200GS Adventure
 F800GS  K1300S  S1000RR  

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