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Artikelnr.: RAM-234-SNMU

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RAM Secure-N-Motion™ Laptop Tray Security Kit.

Deze RAM laptophouder beveiligingskit verzekerd je dat je kostbare laptop wel degelijk in de RAM-234-3 houder blijft!
Het sleutelslot mechanisme voorkomt dat de laptophouder kan open geschoven worden, om zo de laptop weg te nemen.

De RAM-234K1-4U, platte zijhouders set wordt hier standaard meegeleverd.

Until now, security features on laptop cradles have been difficult to use or simply get in the way of productivity.
RAM has turned all that into a memory with the Secure-n-Motion™ security package.
You can either purchase your laptop mounting system with this option or purchase it at a later date.
This package easily integrates into an existing system. Regardless of which option you choose,
you’ll have peace of mind knowing your laptop will stay put even under the most adverse conditions.
Using a keyed locking knob and slim restraining arms, operation is simple, easy, and extremely secure.

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