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Artikelnr.: RAM-316-1-202U

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The RAM POD I, universal No-Drill™, vehicle mount is the latest in the Mobile In-Car range from RAM.
This RAM POD I allows you to mount a light to medium weight item (example: Netbook or Tablet Computer)
in a car safely and securely.
Consists of a RAM 1,5" diameter ball and socket system, connected to a 18" (46 cm.) long flexible rod.
At right angles to the base of the flexible 18" long leg is a foot with a mounting hole.
Simply place the hole into the passenger seat mounting bolt and adjust the mount to the required height
with the flexible leg.
The base consists of a 2.5" diameter round plate with universal AMPS hole patten end.

De totale lengte van deze arm incl. adapterstukken is +- 50cm., gemeten zonder de meegeleverde basis RAM-202U.

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