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Artikelnr.: RAM-GDS-HS1U

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RAM® HandStand™ Tablet Hand Strap and Kick Stand

Met dit handige RAM accessoire kan u je tablet, voorzien van een compatibele GDS Skin,zowel roteren als stevig vasthouden, en rechtop plaatsen!

The RAM® HandStand™ Tablet Hand Strap and Kick Stand is a perfect accessory for enabling your tablet device for field use.
The HandStand™ is compatible with any IntelliSkin™ which features the unique circular interface for attaching the HandStand™.
The HandStand™ is specifically designed for the enterprise customer, while being an ideal solution for consumers alike.
The unique design integrates a comfortable hand strap which is compatible with a gloved hand and can be rotated 360 degrees to find the ideal viewing angle.
An integrated kickstand allows for positioning the tablet on a flat surface for on the go operation of your tablet.

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