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IntelliSkin® met GDS® technologie voor de Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 - GDS® HandStand™ compatibel

IntelliSkin® is a protective sleeve featuring GDS® Technology™ for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2.
The integrated GDS® connector is molded directly into the skin, preventing damage to your device’s
charging port from repetitious docking.
Eighteen molded ruggedized docking contacts on the exterior of the skin are also designed for repetitive
docking in field applications. IntelliSkin® is compatible with a variety of GDS® vehicle and desktop
docking stations, allowing for charging and data syncing.
This version of IntelliSkin® is compatible with the GDS® HandStand™ and GDS® Shoulder Strap accessories.
The GDS® HandStand™ Tablet Hand Strap and Kick Stand enables your Tab Active2 for field use.
When using the hand strap functionality, the device can be rotated 360 degrees to find the ideal viewing angle.
With the GDS® Should Strap accessory, comfortably carry your device and use the snap hooks to quickly attach
or detach the GDS® Shoulder Strap.
Compatible only with GDS® Vehicle docks with the use of risers, and not with any other powered cradles.

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