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Artikelnr.: RAM-SM1NB

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RAM Seat-Mate System: Eenvoudig en snel te monteren als een zeer stabiele basis op de passagiersstoel of achterbank.
Te vervolledigen met RAM-B-101U of RAM-B-138U + RAM houder voor lichte toepassingen zoals bv. een netbook of Tab, 
en met RAM-101U of RAM-101U-D + RAM-234-3 of RAM-234-6 voor zwaardere toepassingen zoals bv. laptops.

Compact, portable, amazingly strong and no tools required are words that best describe the new RAM Seat-Mate™.
Able to transform most any passenger seat into a workstation, unfold the legs, and buckle it in.
Truly innovative in design, this product is able to actively hold onto the seat and stabilize itself.
For anyone who needs a temporary mobile workstation, this mounting solution is absolutely perfect.
Designed to easily pack into a travel bag, suit case, or even under the seat of a vehicle,
RAM makes it possible to create a comfortable workspace in minutes where ever your job takes you.
The RAM Seat-Mate™ is perfect for laptops, tablets, and UMPC’s.
The integrated rubber ball and socket system allows the user to achieve ergonomic viewing and typing angles.
If you’re a mobile professional, this product was designed for you.

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