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Artikelnr.: RAM-VP-SW1-89

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RAM voertuig laptop montagesteun met een dubbele zwaai arm, 20cm. lange Male Tele-Pole™, en een
23cm. Female Tele-Pole™ & 2.5" Round Base (AMPs Hole Pattern) met 1,5" bal, de totale hoogte bedraagt ongeveer
50cm. en is eenvoudig verstelbaar / vergrendelbaar. De lengte van de dubbele zwaai arm is 30,5cm.
Te vervolledigen met een laptophouder. 

The RAM-VP-SW1-89 consists of a 9" lower female Tele-Pole™, 8" upper male Tele-Pole™, double swing arm and 2.5" round base with 1,5" ball, that contains the universal AMPs hole pattern.
The lower female Tele-Pole™ will attach to all RAM vehicles bases that do not contain a welded female Tele-Pole™.
The height of the Tele-Poles™, combinded, can easily be adjusted by turning the knob at the top of the post.
Once the knob has been tightened, the Tele-Pole™ becomes a rigid support for connecting devices or cradles.
The double swing arm allows you to twist and tilt the viewing angle of your connected electronic device,
when mounted on your RAM Vehicle Mount. The rotating swivel arm gives you even more viewing positions
for your mounted electronic device while holding everything firmly in place.
The length of the double swing arm is 30,5cm.

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